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G. M. Williams

G. M. Williams, (Gloria), grew up in the stillness of the Southern California high desert, which intimately shaped her artistic perspective. She works in multiple types of media including photography, painting, poetry and dance and currently resides in Palm Springs.

Gloria's abstract works showing in Color vs Black and White are fascinating glimpses of the play of light through the lens of water. In her wordsThese photographs display two common symbols found across cultures, that being of light (the human soul) and water (the human subconscious). Through the lens of water the hidden truth of light is revealed. Much like the hidden truth of the human condition is best expressed in art, dreams, and the collective subconscious." In reality, the images are photo-realism of fireworks taken from underwater, but gazing at them becomes a self-reflective exploration of one's mind and inner perspective...

Gloria has shown in San Diego, New York, and internationally.

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