St. Celfer / John Parker CV

CURRENT PROJECTS ('Space Between Points' & 'Step.4D'):

2019-22 Memorial do Desenho, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, São Paulo, Brasil

2022 Step.DDDD Live, Bop Gallery at Brokers Building Art Gallery, San Diego, CA

2022 Forgotten Voices of Richmond Beach, Shoreline Museum, Seattle, WA

2022 Artscapes Tacoma, Woolworth Windows, Tacoma, WA

2022 Step.DDDD Live w/ Richard Heinsohn, TBA, Nashville, TN

2022 Step.DDDD w/ Christin Call, The Shed, Seattle, WA

2021 St Celfer's 51-61-74, NEW AND NOTABLE,

2021 St Celfer's 51, Tikrishow (October 29, 2021), IDA, Tallinn, Estonia

2021 St Celfer's 74, Audio Collision with Cadmium Red (December 5, 2021), WOZO, Knoxville, TN

2021 St Celfer's 61, Flotation Devices hosted by Michael Schell (August 1, 2021), KBCS 91.3, Seattle, WA

2021 St Celfer's 51 & 74, Spirit House (May 31, 2021), Eastside FM 89.7, Sydney, Australia

2021 Step4.bkwrd.E w/ Marcus Leoni, São Paulo, Brasil

2021 Band of Burnouts zine/video, School of Commons, Zurich University of the Arts ZHdK, Zurich, SU

2021 St Celfer's 51, Avant Garden's Wonderchill,, Seattle, WA

2021 Pandemic Album Covers at Território da Arte Araraquara: VIDA 21, São Paulo, Brasil

2021 Imaginal Space: a Semi-Virtual Residency, The Shed, Seattle, WA

2021 Episode 5, CMPFR-22C,, Seattle, WA

2021 St Celfer's PurPLL Pizza, mtl.asm, Montreal, Canada

2021 Emotions Embodied: Abstractions from the West Coast, Art Scene West, CA

2021 Live w/ Malevich Squared,, London, UK

2020 Transmissions, ICOSA Collective, Austin, TX

2020 Etude, St Celfer Suite 6 & Dirge #1, St Celfer Suite 3 & Serenade No Cry, St Celfer Suite 7,

Radio Eclectus #74, Hollow Earth Radio 104.9, Seattle, WA

2020 Prelude, St Celfer Suite 5, Radio Eclectus #35, Hollow Earth Radio 104.9, Seattle, WA

2020 Divertimento, St Celfer Suite 2, Radio Eclectus #29, Hollow Earth Radio 104.9, Seattle, WA

2020 Task 14: This is Home by Christin Call for Art Saves Me, Seattle, WA

2020 St Celfer, In Lieu Exhibit Space, Seattle, WA

2020 March of the Covids, Methods of Negotiation, Art Music Lit Space, Sacramento, CA

2019 Impromptu, St Celfer Suite 2, Radio Eclectus #15, Hollow Earth Radio 104.9, Seattle, WA

2019 Space Between Points (solo), Casagaleria, São Paulo, Brasil

2019 Georgetown Art Attack, Gallery Baird, Seattle, WA

2019 FEAC, Sao Paulo, Brasil

2019 Small Works, Rowan Tree Gallery, Aberdeen, WA

2019 Coletiva de Novos Talents, Casagaleria, São Paulo, Brasil

2017 Art Rising, Amazon Headquarters, Seattle, WA


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2013 Reuse Aloud,, London, UK

2011 Twin Twin (with Matt Freedman), Pierogi, Brooklyn, NY

2008 Digital Fringe, Melbourne Fringe Festival, Australia

2006 Mods and Rockers (with Tom Moody), ‘Digifest’, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, CA

2005-6 Collective Intelligence, Mutaforma, Wolna Pracownia PGR_ART, Gdansk, Poland +

Mars Pavilion, 51° Biennale Internazionale Venezia, Italy

2005 !M.O.O.B, CBGB omfug, New York, NY

2005 Abstraction Obstruction, Soil, Seattle, WA

2005 John Parker (with Luke Murphy), vertexList, Brooklyn, NY

2004 Pedestrian, Bronx River Art Center, Bronx, NY

2004 Refuse, Fluxfactory, Queens, NY

2004 Psychasthenia, Galapagos Art Space, Brooklyn, NY

2004 kere u, The Tank, New York, NY

2004 John Parker, Front Room, Brooklyn, NY

2003 Barrelled, Broklyn Beats, Tonic, New York, NY

2003 Electronic Xtravaganza, Share, The Kitchen, New York, NY

2003 Pop Rocks, Caren Golden Fine Art, New York, NY

2003 F:T:H, Hellbender Film Projekt, Remote Lounge, New York, NY

2001 DJ Spooky's “Under the Influence”, CMJ Music Festival, Brooklyn, NY

2000 Two Friends and So On…, Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York, NY

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2001 MFA, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

1998 BFA (Candidate), University of Washington, Seattle, WA

1989 BA, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ


Olympic athlete (Barcelona 1992) coach (Beijing 2008, Rio 2016)

Director of national rowing teams and training centers (US, Netherlands, Turkey, among other places)

Counselor at Pine Street Inn (homeless shelter)